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Custom IC Test Sockets & Thermal IC Test Solutions

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Exatron designs and manufactures Custom IC Test Sockets, advanced Thermal Test Sockets and advanced Thermal Forcing Test Solutions, in San Jose, California, USA, for hand test, benchtop test and ATE automated test handlers and equipment. "Exatron Test Sockets" specializes in Copperhead® Thermal IC Test Sockets featuring Exatron Diamond Particle Interconnect (EPI) contact system and Direct Conduction Temperature Forcing Test Systems featuring the Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH). Low and high temperature test sockets from -100°C up to +150°C, +250°C and +300°C probes or diamond particle contacts. Exatron is highly regarded in the industry for the finest automated computer controlled test handlers and equipment for lab test and production since 1974. Exatron Test Sockets brings this tradition of expertise and quality to your demanding semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) device testing needs.

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Thermal Semiconductor test socket Exatron
Custom Made
Since 1974 Exatron Test Sockets
Since 1974
Exatron Test sockets designed and manufactured in the USA, thermal sockets, temperature forcing systems
Made in USA

Custom IC Test Sockets, Thermal & Bench Solutions

IC Thermal Test socket, Copperhead cuts soak times in half, temperature forcing systems,from Exatron
Thermal IC Test Sockets

Exatron’s new thermal IC Test socket, Copperhead®, is a massive new improvement in the state-of-the-art for thermal test socket design. Copperhead® IC temperature test sockets are designed for truly exceptional thermal performance. Hand test through production testing, this solid copper top test socket can match any existing footprint. Works beautifully with all Exatron thermal test solutions and handler applications as well as many others.

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Exatron advanced designed Direct Contact Refrigeration Thermal Forcing Testing System, is better than an electronic Peltier or a thermal stream forced air system.
New! Thermal Forcing IC Test System

NOTE: New Model with  advanced features. Temperature Forcing Semi-Automatic Tabletop Mini Handler

An Exatron advanced design direct contact refrigeration thermal forcing testing system. When a cheap electronic Peltier is just not good enough, and when your thermal stream air type is too expensive, too difficult, or freezes your board, creates static, or other issues, it's time to consider something new. Exatron's thermal forcing test system provides a great new standard of virtually frost free high performance with only middle-of-the-road costs and no expensive fluids to buy or spill. Available now!

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Exatron's Custom IC semiconductor Test Sockets made to suit your exact application. DC to RF, low to high temp, single contact and Kelvin, non-magnetic, thermal, temperature forcing systems, from bench test to production.
Custom IC Test Sockets to suit your exact application

Exatron's custom test sockets are made to suit your exact application. DC to RF, low to high temperatures available from -100°C up to 300°C, single contact and Kelvin, non-magnetic, military hardened coatings and more. Exatron's custom IC test sockets are designed to cover the entire range of your needs plus work over the entire Exatron product range from hand test and benchtop testing all the way through ATE automatic handler test and production. Send us your (POD) package outline drawing and your requirements and get a quote.

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PI, Diamond Particle Interconnect IC Test Socket contact system, low capacitance and inductance near zero, to 40 GHz, contact resistance under 3 milliOhms, high temperature,-70C to +300C, low contact pressure, 0.4 mm pitch and up, 1,000,000 cycles.
PI - Diamond Particle Interconnect Contact System

"A far superior contact technology." Capacitance and inductance near zero, tested up to 40 GHz, contact resistance under 3 milliohms, -100°C to +300°C, low contact pressure, 0.4 mm pitch and higher, up to 1,000,000 cycles. About the same electrical characteristics as a solder joint, possibly better; just about says it all.

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Prototype Engineering Work Stations replaces conventional thermal stream air test systems for hand testing of electronic devices in controlled conditions.  -55C to +155C, -75C to +175C hardware compatible, +/-0.5C control, no frost, conductive heating, direct contact.
Bench Test Prototyping Workstation Temperature Forcing Systems

The next generation of Prototype Engineering Work Stations (PET-4D), designed to replace dated thermal streamed air test systems in the hand testing of individual electronic devices under controlled conditions. Advanced design -55°C to +155°C (-80°C to +175°C hardware capability) +/-0.5°C control, no frost buildup, conduction heating, direct contact. Time saving and accurate with outstanding performance.

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Small Benchtop ATE handler systems, mini, table top, IC test socket compatible, thermal electrical optical testing of IC devices.
Small Handler Test Systems

When you don't need something large and expensive to get the job done, Exatron has a variety of small, mini desktop or tabletop handlers, including the new Label and/or Ink Dot Pick & Place Handler and other equipment such as manual and automated tape and reel, and laser enclosures and more. These units are known for ultra high quality and great value at relatively low cost and designed to fit comfortably on the top of your desk, bench, or table. All Exatron equipment is fully designed and made in the USA since 1974.

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Also, Custom ATE Handlers:

From Bench - To Lab - To Production

  • Pick and Place IC test Socket handler Exatron test sockets.
    Device Handlers:
    Pick and place, gravity feed, rotary and custom style handlers. Exatron offers a wide range of handling methods to suit nearly any device and system type.
  • IC test socket programming handler Exatron Test sockets
    Automated Programming Systems:
    Small volume systems. Production volume systems. Third party programmer support. Exatron offers a variety of high speed, low cost programming systems for both small and production volume needs, as well as third party programmer support.
  • Thermal forcing lab test handler Exatron temperature test sockets
    Thermal Test Solutions:
    Exatron produces custom thermal test solutions from benchtop to hand test to high-volume production to meet your exact needs. Exatron products feature seamless integration of thermal test solutions over our entire equipment range.
  • MEMS IC device test handler Exatron Test Sockets
    MEMS Handlers:
    Exatron designs and manufactures MEMS handler systems for air pressure/vacuum, audio, electrical, impact/vibration, light sense/source, thermal and magnetic testing and laser marking.
  • Desktop automated or manual laser marker Exatron Test Sockets
    Laser Marking:
    Automated laser markers with pick and place, manual and automated laser enclosures and rotary laser enclosures. Compatible with major laser OEMs: Rofin, Keyence, Spectra Physics and more.
  • ATE handler machine vision Exatron Test Sockets
    Machine Vision:
    Exatron offers integrated vision. Precision BGA, QFN, and leaded 3D measurement, 2D inspection, pattern verification and optical character recognition (OCR), Smart Mark®, tape & reel inspection, camera-aided test/program socket alignment.
  • Manual Tape and reel desktop system Exatron Test Sockets
    Tape & Reel:
    Manual tape and reel systems stand alone systems with or without vision. Automated tape & reel systems integrated into any Exatron handlers and built to suit your needs.
  • Exatron, since 1974, Exatron Test Sockets
    Exatron, since 1974:
    Longevity counts! Exatron was established in 1974 in San Jose California and is highly regarded for creating hard working, well made, reasonably priced equipment designed to evolve with customers’ needs. Designed, Made and Patented in the USA. Exatron Test sockets designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Exatron Custom and standard IC Test Sockets
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    Yes, please send an email or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your needs or interests. Exatron builds Custom IC Test Sockets, Thermal Solutions and Custom Handlers to suit your exact needs. Semicon West update.

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