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Spring Probe 250C Pins

High Temperature 250°C Spring Probes

high temperature spring probe 250°C pogo pins IC test socket contact system from Exatron.
Exatron's 250°C Spring Probe Pins

Exatron's spring probe pin contact system includes spring probes rated from typicaly -40°C to 150°C, 160°C to 170°C and now special high temperature probes up to 250°C for your most demanding high temperature tests. These probes can be used for handler contactors and test sockets with the spring force maintained throughout the temperature range. These special 250°C probes are constructed of hardened precious metal alloy with hardened gold plating, gold clad copper alloys and gold plated stainless steel springs for the ultimate in spring probe pin performance. High temperature applications are on the rise and Exatron can help. Need even higher temperatures? See Exatron's patented contact system for the widest and highest temperature range from -100°C to +300°C, Diamond Particle Interconnect contact system (PI). Contact us today.

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high frequency RF high current spring probes for IC test sockets from Exatron.
High Frequency High Current Spring Probes

Most Exatron spring probes are rated to at least 10 GHz depending upon your application and socket design. Typically applications from 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm pitch are measured at 18 GHz or through > 40 GHz. Greater than 40 GHz can be available. The continuous current capacity of Exatron spring probes is typically from about 1 amp to 4 amps, up to 6 or 8 amps depending upon the probe selection. Exatron will custom design your socket to meet your exact needs.

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thermal spring probe test socket and 300°C diamond particle interconnect from Exatron
Spring Probe Thermal Test Sockets

Exatron Copperhead® Thermal IC test sockets can be designed and used for bench top hand testing, or automated lab testing and all the way through full production applications. Exatron matches the best spring probe to your exact application and can accommodate a full range of your specific needs from ambient to high temperature, high current and/or high frequency requirements. If your application calls for spring probes or Exatron's highest temperature range from -100°C to +300°C Diamond Particle Interconnect contact system (PI), Exatron will design the best socket for your exact critical application. Send us your Package Outline Drawing (POD) and your requirements today.

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