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Thermal IC Test Sockets

Exatron's advanced designed Copperhead® Thermal IC Test Sockets are simply the best thermal test sockets on the market. This is especially true when coupled with Exatron's Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH) and Exatron's Thermal Test Systems, which cost well below thermal stream forced-air systems and have better performance and cut soak times in half. These test socket tops are made from solid copper and plated and are available with a variety of contact systems from spring probes and Diamond Particle Interconnect. You owe it to yourself and your test lab to investigate this new expanded capability. If accuracy, capability and time are important, then Copperhead IC Test Sockets are what you need.

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Hand Bench Test Sockets

Exatron's custom IC Test sockets are designed to meet your exact needs. For IC device bench testing, the socket designs can accommodate a variety of lids, contact systems, RTD's, optical requirements, MEMS requirements, failure analysis environment and more. With many years of experience, intricate and clever designs are routinely made to make your engineering IC chip testing more accurate, less complicated and less time consuming, giving you greater flexibility and shorter time to market. Exatron is highly capable regardless if it is a simple design or a demanding one, you will be pleased with the IC socket designs and attention to detail required to make your integrated circuit test socket application successful.

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Automated Handler Test Contactors

Exatron's automated test equipment (ATE) contactor socket designs can fill your application needs from bench testing all the way through lab testing and production environments with the same socket. All Exatron sockets and contact blocks are designed to work seamlessly with Exatron Automated Test Handlers, manual test handlers and more. Experienced handler users know the Exatron contactors and sockets perform beyond what is normally expected due to superior designs and years of experience in the industry.

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Diamond Particle Interconnect Test Sockets

Known as "PI", or Diamond Particle Interconnect, this contact system is in the forefront of a wide range of possible applications in both IC Test socket applications and a variety of electronic contact needs. Exatron US Patent 6,703,851. For example, have you ever had a socket wear out an expensive printed circuit board (PCB) and you have to spin or replace that very costly board? PI can rejuvenate, bring back to life, renew, a seemingly dead board and socket saving you thousands of dollars in cost and maybe more importantly, time. Simply called a Socket Saver, ask us for more information today about the world of PI's possible applications.

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Spring Probe Test Sockets

Exatron's Spring Probe Sockets are another option. Exatron has developed an enhanced capability spring probe, also know as a spring-loaded pin, also commonly called a pogo pin, which is a registered trademark of Everett Charles Technologies (ECT). Exatron's spring probes have hardened tips and made to last longer and perform better than standard spring probes. Exatron excels at custom IC test sockets.

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High Frequency RF Test Sockets

Exatron is no stranger to high frequency applications having dealt with high frequency, high temperature, low temperature, non-magnetic, MEMS, IC test handler designs for many years. Exatron is fully capable of supplying your RF, DC and other demanding needs. All Exatron test sockets and handlers are fully designed and manufactured in the USA, in the Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, since 1974. With that kind of longevity in the toughest Electronics ATE test market, attests to Exatron's legendary quality, customer service and state-of-the-art test sockets, thermal test systems and handler products.

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Test Sockets Gallery

Exatron provides IC test sockets for all the following IC integrated circuit devices: BGA, CSP, DIP, Flat Pack, LCC, LGA, MSOP, PCB, PGA, PLCC, QFP, SIMM, SIP, SIMM, SODIMM, SOIC, SSOIC, TSSOP and many more. Exatron also specializes in custom socket designs for custom and unusual devices and applications. Please see some examples below. Send us your POD, (package outline drawing) and we can go from there.
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