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Automated Label, Ink-Dot, Mini Handler

Labeling and ink dot pick and place mini bench top handler from Exatron
Label Ink-Dot Mini Handlers

New to the market, a real pick and place handler to apply labels and/or ink dots to your ICs. This reliable USA designed and manufactured machine can fit seamlessly into your lab or production operation and provide you with fast and precise application of labels up to 2,000 units per hour, and ink dots up to 4,000 per hour capacity. See videos below and envision how this machine will help streamline your operation.

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pick up head picking labels to be applied to ICs integrated circuits Exatron
Label Application Mini Handlers
The Exatron 802 LID Label Application and Ink Dot Application, pick and place mini desktop handler comes with a rugged print-on-the-fly thermal transfer printer designed for tough continuous use commercial operation. The handler is designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA from San Jose, California by Exatron.

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ink dot pen on pick and place labeling handler from Exatron
Ink-Dot Mini Handlers

Your new Label Application and Ink Dot Application, pick and place handler is very versatile and can be used not only to apply labels but features a quick and easy change-over. Simply attach the ink pen holder to the pick up head and start applying ink dots in any color to your integrated circuit devices. Exatron, serving the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) handler industry for over 46 years, designs manufactures and services from San Jose, California USA. Please see the videos below and ask us for a quote today.

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Applying Labels / Applying Ink Dots
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Moveable X Y Jedec tray with marked ICs label and ink dot
Motorized JEDEC tray

Your JEDEC Tray carriage, or 2" or 4" waffle packs in JEDEC frames, moves on both x and y axes and allows the servo motor-driven lead screw pick and place head to apply labels and/or ink dots to your ICs with speed and precision.

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Windows 10 based GUI Exatron label ink dot pick and place handler
Windows 10-Based GUI

    Exatron's quick and intuitive Windows 10-based graphic user interface makes set up and running easy for unbeatable performance. The handler features extensive built in diagnostics, plus a quick call to Exatron in California can put you in contact with the software designer and/or the engineer who built your machine.

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labeled and ink dot identification marked ICs in a Jedec Tray
Exatron Handlers, Custom Test Sockets and Thermal Solutions.

Need something larger, bigger, faster, or a different handling or testing requirement for lab or production? Need custom test sockets and/or thermal solutions? Exatron, since 1974, enjoys a worldwide outstanding reputation for amazing automation design, clever innovation, and for solving customer's most difficult handling, test and thermal challenges. Also, think Exatron Test Sockets for the industry's best IC contact system. Contact us today, Exatron can help.

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Exatron IC test sockets and thermal test systems
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Exatron IC test sockets and thermal test systems
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Exatron IC test sockets and thermal test systems
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