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Exatron's Spring Probe Contact System

Diamond Particle Interconnect interposer, PI, contact system sheet.
Exatron's Advanced Spring Probe Pins

Exatron's spring probe pin contact system is designed with advanced state-of-the-art probe pin technology. Exatron spring probe pins are gold plated with stainless steel springs and have hard Palladium Alloy tips. The probes have a very wide temperature range rating, conservatively -55°C to 150°C. Customers routinely use Exatron pins to 170°C. Special 250°C high temperature probes are available. High current probes are also available options. The spring probe crowns are made of Palladium Alloy which withstands aggressive cleaning needed when solder migration is present. The pin tips will stay sharper and last much longer since there is no conventional plating to wear away. The pins will maintain consistent contact resistance for a much larger number of insertions than a conventionally plated probe pin tip.

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Close up image of PI, Diamond Particle Interconnect pads.
Custom Machined Spring Probe Semiconductor IC Test Sockets

The inside center of spring probe barrels bear most of the wear from spring compression. Unlike conventional standard plated spring probe barrels which have uneven thickness on the inner diameter and center thinning as plating is drawn through, Exatron’s special clad barrels have consistent thickness over the length of the inner diameter. This means both more consistent and higher current carrying capacity as the DC contact for the mechanical components, spring and plungers have better surface properties and last longer. Exatron's spring probe pins are available in custom fully machined socket bodies. The same socket can be designed and used from hand test, benchtop testing or automated lab test all the way through full production use.

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Sheet of PI Interposers
Copperhead® Spring Probe Thermal Test Sockets

Exatron's spring probe pins are also available in Exatron's Copperhead® Thermal IC test sockets. These industry leading thermal test sockets can also be designed and used from hand test, benchtop testing or automated lab test all the way through full production use. Exatron can match the best spring probe to your exact application and accommodate a wide range of your needs from ambient to high temperature and/or high current with outstanding capabilities. Whether your application calls for spring probes or Exatron's -100°C to +300°C Diamond Particle Interconnect contact system (PI) you will have the best socket designed for your exact critical application. Contact us today. Send us your Package Outline Drawing (POD) and we can go from there.

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