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Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH)

Wide range thermal head single head Exatron
Wide Range Thermal Head

Exatron's Wide Range Thermal Head IC Test System is an ideal solution compared to thermal air forcing streaming systems and to thermoelectric cooling systems known as Peltier systems or TEC. The disadvantages of thermal streaming forced air systems and TECs are now a thing of the past. Exatron's Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH) technology is high end performance without the high end costs or low end performance, frost, ESD and other issues.

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close up of wide range thermal head temperatrure testing
Solid Thermal Performance

Exatron's Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH) system is a solid performer with a minimum working range of -55 to +155°C (-75°C to +175°C hardware capability) and offers unmatched temperature range and +/- 0.5°C control. The thermal head makes direct contact with DUT and test socket with built-in conduction heating with resistive AC heaters and no fluid required for cold test.

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thermal head for hot and cold teperature testing of IC test sockets
No Frost

Frost is an issue best avoided if possible. Exatron makes that a reality. Built-in purge cover eliminates frost buildup on WRTH tooling. Exatron's Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH). The no coolant required operation eliminates the risk of leaks and costly fluids. Direct contact to DUT ensures unmatched accuracy and consistency of temperatures and can cut traditional soak times in half when used in conjunction with Exatron's Copperhead® thermal test sockets.

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Temperature Test manual testing system with direct contact refrigeration vs thermal stream forced air
Thermal IC Test System

Exatron's Wide Range Thermal Systems are built into Exatron's advanced designed refrigeration-direct-contact, thermal conduction, heating and cooling IC testing system. This system provides high end performance with a cost between the low performing TEC Peltier systems and the expensive thermal streaming forced air systems and without their inherent issues. Bring your lab up to date

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benchtop tabletop mini Exatron handler
Bench Top Applications

Besides Exatron's state-of-the-art Thermal IC Test System, the Wide Range Thermal head is built info bench top and larger handlers. When paired with Exatron's' Copperhead® Thermal Test socket, you get the best performance in the industry and enjoy soak times that are cut in half.

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dual head temperature testing lab test handler exatron
Many Applications

The WRTH system is available throughout the entire range of Exatron handlers from small bench top handlers to lab and full production handlers. Tell us your needs and let Exatron build the machine that suits you and your application perfectly. Exatron designs and manufactures in San Jose, California, USA. Contact us today and let us know your needs.

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