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Proto Work Station
Model PET-4 Prototype Engineering Thermal Work Stations

The next generation of Prototype Engineering Work Stations (PET) is a benchtop test and temperature direct contact thermal system designed for the hand testing of individual electronic devices, ICs, under precise controlled conditions of heat and cold without the large expense and the difficulty of liquid fluid or an inaccurate thermoelectric module Peltier. Exatron's state-of-the-art direct contact refrigeration temperature system featuring Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH) is simply better than a Peltier or forcing thermal air streaming system.

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Proto work station 5
Model PET-5 Prototype Engineering Thermal Work Stations

The PET-4 and 5 thermal temperature test systems can mount directly to your test head or DUT board and features Exatron’s direct contact Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH) allowing a full working temperature range of -55°C to +155°C (-75°C to +175°C hardware capability).

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Proto 5 with Chiller
Prototype Engineering Thermal Work Station with Chiller

The PET-5 shown here with Exatron's compact and powerful thermal direct contact chiller which tucks away neatly under your bench and out of the way. There are two base models of the PET-5. The PET-5M Manual Work Station and the PET-5C Computerized Work Station. Both have many shared features for fast, effcient and precise use of your time and efforts.

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