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High Frequency IC Test Sockets

RF Test Sockets for exact High Frequency applications

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Custom RF Test Sockets

Exatron designs and builds custom RF high frequency test sockets made to meet your exact needs. Exatron offers high frequency capable test sockets which are typically in the general frequency range of about 10 GHz to 40 GHz. Higher frequencies are possible when the package style and all involved parts of the project are coordinated which requires a collaborative effort. For example, plating Exatron's own Diamond Particle Interconnect contact system material (PI) directly onto a board and used in conjunction with a leaded device can yield very high power and very high frequency results. Thermal ranges from -100°C up to +300°C are possible.

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High Frequency Custom Test Sockets

Exatron's custom IC high frequency tests sockets are designed with advanced spring probes and/or Exatron's own Diamond Particle Interconnect contact system (PI) Exatron's Diamond Particle Interconnect contact system depending upon your exact needs and requirements and your type of device and footprint. All Exatron high frequency sockets are designed to work as stand alone systems or seamlessly with automated test handlers, manual test handlers and more. Exatron will work with you in a collaborative effort to attain any extreme results you need. Exatron’s PI is particularly suitable for base station IC device applications. Exatron US Patent 6,703,851.

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Thermal High Frequency Test Sockets

For special applications calling for low or high temperature and high frequency, Exatron's Copperhead® thermal test sockets gives you unmatched flexibility. Copperhead sockets are primarily spring probe based at about 20 GHz however PI based thermal sockets are possible. If your application is for hand test or bench testing or for automated test equipment (ATE) Exatron's designs can fill your application needs all the way from lab testing to production environments with the same socket. Experience counts and with Exatron's industry longevity you can count on superior designs every time.

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