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Exatron's Manual Thermal Test System MTTS® for Benchtop Thermal IC Testing

NOTE: New Models, with new features & greater on or off handler integration, Coming Soon! 

Manual thermal hot and cold temperature test system with advanced direct contact conduction refigeration vs thermal forced air stream
New! Thermal IC Test System

New Models Comming Soon!  Exatron's Advanced Designed Refrigeration-Direct-Contact, Thermal Conduction, Heating and Cooling IC testing system. Featuring: -80C (minimum) to +175C work range with +/- 0.1C control.
- Ideal for RF test applications.
- No Peltiers are used.
- Heat or cool just DUT and test socket.
- No Frost!
- Components at room temperature.
- No forced air used to cause static.
- Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH) clips on instantly.
- Constant thermal contact to the DUT.
- Cost well below Thermal Stream forced-air systems and with better performance.

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Thermal direct contact to DUT board, devce, and IC test socket with quick release
The Better IC Thermal Test Solution

Exatron's Direct-Contact Thermal IC Testing System is ideal when a cheap electronic Peltier type equipment is just not good enough, and when your expensive thermal forced-air thermal stream equipment freezes your board or creates static electricity or is just too much trouble and too expensive for what you get and have to deal with on a frequent basis. Your answer is Exatron's compact unit which can fit under your bench. Exatron's Manual Thermal Test System (MTTS) could be just exactly what you need.

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Manual thermal temperature test system with better direct contact conduction refigeration vs thermal forced air stream
The Frost Free, High Performance, Choice

Exatron's Manual Thermal Test System MTTS®/ Pet-6, is a great new standard of advanced design featuring virtually Frost Free, High Performance, with just middle-of-the-road costs. There are no expensive fluids to buy, spill or contaminate. There are no ESD issues as with forced air or thermal stream air. 3 phase power is not required. There are no tools as the head snaps on and off quickly and easily. The unit features a Windows touch screen laptop interface with great diagnostics and data logs. Cooling power: 60W at -55C. Did we mention blazing fast soak times? It is available now! Ask Us.

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thermal IC test head no frost
Purge Enclosure

The Purge Enclosure surrounds the socket and prevents frost build up. Guaranteeing zero frost during test, Exatron's complete socket purge protection features top and bottom socket gaskets and internal and external purge air jets, which can be controlled as needed via the convenient touch screen interface.

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quick clip temperature test head no frost exatron
Quick Easy Clip On

The spring-loaded Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH)clips on and off quickly and easily and saves you time. The thermal head successfully maintains constant thermal contact and heats or cools only the DUT and test socket leaving surrounding components at room temperature.

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manual temperature thermal test head exatron
Direct Contact Conduction Thermal Test

Exatron's proven direct contact conduction thermal IC test method, the Manual Thermal Test System MTTS®/ Pet-6, is more powerful than electronic Peltier systems and more selective than forced air options, with none of the forced air thermal stream frost or ESD issues. All Exatron test sockets, thermal test systems and handlers are fully designed and made in the USA by Exatron, since 1974.

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